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Firefly launches a new education series around OpenStack – Firefly LaunchPad™ for OpenStack

Firefly – May 19th – Firefly is pleased to announce today that it is launching a new education series around OpenStack – Firefly LaunchPad for OpenStack. The launch coincides with the 2015 OpenStack Summit, Vancouver, May 18th.

Recognizing the value of OpenStack and its ability to drive more business capabilities to the cloud, Firefly has designed a unique education series to help individuals and organizations move forward with their Cloud strategy. Firefly LaunchPad for OpenStack provides a modular approach to understanding the complexities of implementing OpenStack and navigating the multi-vendor ecosystem around it.

“I think that every IT organization sees the huge transformative value in OpenStack, but they also see a steep learning curve. They can’t see how to get over that hill, and they’re seeing some of the early pioneers really struggling to make it to the top,” said David Liebman, CTO Firefly. “Over the past decade, Firefly’s mission has been to demystify and accelerate new technologies with targeted education. The Firefly LaunchPad for OpenStack gives architects a bird’s-eye view that will help them make better, faster decisions, and move forward with confidence.”

What makes LaunchPad Unique?

Firefly LaunchPad for OpenStack is specifically targeted at giving a bird’s-eye view of OpenStack. While LaunchPad is 100% “pure" OpenStack from a technology perspective, and does not promote any one vendor’s offerings, Firefly recognizes that it’s critically important for IT organizations to get a handle on the vendor landscape. The LaunchPad series is focused on helping technical decision makers make key architectural decisions about when and what to implement, whereas other introductory-level courses are focused on implementation.

Firefly is introducing LaunchPad for OpenStack with: OpenStack Essentials, OpenStack Network Architecture and OpenStack Storage Architecture. For more details, visit our website.

About Firefly

Firefly focuses on accelerating technology adoption through our proven education model. Our mission is to use education to clearly demonstrate to customers how technology solutions can bring competitive advantages to their business. Firefly’s Launchpad Programs are designed specifically to accelerate knowledge on emerging technologies. Our classes and content are designed to give IT professionals vital architectural knowledge in the shortest possible timeframe to help them drive innovation within their organizations by making faster, better, and more confident decisions.

2015-05-19 10:31:00