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Community App Catalog Drives Developer Productivity With Cloud-Native Apps and Tools For OpenStack

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VANCOUVER, British Columbia // May 19, 2015 — OpenStack Summit — OpenStack® developers have a new resource to share applications and developer tools that unlock the power of their OpenStack clouds with the Community App Catalog. The OpenStack Foundation demonstrated the new service—now available in beta and ready for contributions—today during a keynote at the OpenStack Summit.

“We’ve heard from many users and ecosystem companies that want a repository to publish and share things like Heat orchestration templates,” said Mark Collier, COO, OpenStack Foundation. “The new Community App Catalog takes us in that direction, and it gives our users a way to collaborate with each other and access new technologies in the OpenStack ecosystem."

Community App Catalog Ready for Contributions
The Community App Catalog is a place where community members can share apps and tools in the form of Glance Images, Heat Templates and Murano Packages designed to integrate with OpenStack Clouds. Developers can now experiment with emerging tools like Kubernetes and Docker by deploying packages that leverage the proven building blocks of OpenStack to handle authentication, networking, multi-tenant isolation and autoscaling of the underlying resources.

The Community App Catalog is open for contributions and will be curated by the community. The following applications are now available or are planned to be available in the Community App Catalog:

OpenStack Summit Focuses on Tools and Applications
More than 6,000 cloud users and developers are gathered this week in Vancouver, where the Tuesday morning keynotes focused on the future of cloud computing and OpenStack, especially from the perspective of application end users and the tools ecosystem.

During the Tuesday keynote, Craig Peters from Mirantis demonstrated the Community App Catalog workflow by launching a Kubernetes cluster to manage Docker containers in a matter of seconds by leveraging the compute, storage, networking and identity systems already present in an OpenStack cloud.

In addition to the Community App Catalog, the team leader of the new OpenStack Magnum project demonstrated how the OpenStack community is approaching containers at the infrastructure layer by integrating with multiple cluster managers. Sandeep Parikh from Google also took the stage to talk about how the Kubernetes and OpenStack communities are working together to make it easier for developers build portable apps across different clouds.

The community has been focused on building out the application ecosystem through education, better documentation and interoperability initiatives to create a solid, consistent target across OpenStack clouds. There are dozens of presentations and workshops on cloud applications taking place at the Summit, as well as working group meetings to drive these initiatives forward.

About OpenStack
OpenStack® is the most widely used open source software for building clouds by enterprises and service providers. Enterprises use OpenStack to support rapid deployment of new products, reduce costs and improve internal systems. Service providers use OpenStack to give customers reliable, easily accessible cloud infrastructure resources, supporting technologies including platforms and containers. OpenStack powers clouds for many of the world’s largest brands, including AT&T, Bloomberg, Cisco Webex, Disney, Fidelity and Walmart. Nearly 500 companies and 23,000 individuals across more than 150 countries are supporters of the project.

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