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China’s First OpenStack-based Cloud Provider UnitedStack Announced the Completion of Series C Round of Financing

2015 10 20 3.04.27

Beijing, China, December 16, 2015 --On December 16, 2015, UnitedStack, the first OpenStack-based cloud provider in China announced that it has completed Series C round of financing. UnitedStack is the first Chinese open source cloud computing startup that has completed Series C round of financing. It is an important symbol that OpenStack cloud computing industry in China market have obtained the acceptance of users. It also marks that this technology has evolved into mature stage and entered the large-scale commercial deployment period.

One of the global leading IT providers, and Sequoia Capital participated in this round investment. And Sequoia Capital also participated in the Series A and B round of financing.

UnitedStack is the first company which offers highly reliable OpenStack-based platform UOS providing the same area nodes of public cloud and managed private cloud in Chinese cloud computing field.

OpenStack open source cloud platform began to enter the harvest period, after ex-periencing five years of enterprise practice. The market potential is huge and the prospect of this industry is promising. It is attracting almost all of the world's IT giants into this market in different forms. More and more IT vendors, cloud startups and traditional businesses are embracing OpenStack. The organizations such as banks, public, energy, manufacturing, etc., have adopted OpenStack open source cloud platform. In this great scenario, China’s first OpenStack-based Operation and maintenance (O&M) services provider UnitedStack, founded in February 2013, officially launched its UOS platform in July 2014, and made great achievements.

  • As the first Chinese cloud service provider passing through the interoperabil-ity tests of OpenStack Foundation, UnitedStack is unique OpenStack cloud ser-vice provider listed in The Forrester Wave: Enterprise Public Cloud Platforms In China, Q3 2015 released by Forrester Research in October 2015.
  • In managed private cloud field, UnitedStack has deployed more than 40 man-aged private clouds for enterprise customers such as public, energy, finance, manufacturing and other industries, which include Heilongjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd, SGCC(State Grid Corporation of China), OPPO, Internet Har-bour, Midea Group Co., Ltd, State Commission Office for Public Sector Re-form(SCOPSR), Shulan Health and so on.
  • Moreover, UnitedStack also accelerates to expand its partnership ecosystem and has established a partnership with Tencent, Baidu Security Service, Cisco, Dell, Inpsur, Mellanox, ECCOM Network System, Hillstone Networks. The partnership ecosystem of UnitedStack, which covers four areas including strategy, channel, solution and hardware, is growing.

At the same day when UnitedStack announced the completion of Series C round of financing, UnitedStack also announced that it signed a Memo of Cooperation with Cisco, the global leading network solution provider. Both companies will work closely to expand further in the cloud computing field. The cooperation will cover several fields including products, markets, sales, channels, customers and so on.

With its global leading cloud computing technologies, and innovative applications and service solutions, Cisco is committed to helping customers create complete systems and the architectures including private cloud, public cloud and hybrid cloud. In Cisco global strategic layout of the cloud, OpenStack open source platform has demonstrated the important position. In North America, Cisco has acquired MetaCloud and Piston Cloud Computing successively, which both were outstanding OpenStack-based startups and respectively had different technical capabilities in enterprise private cloud field. In China market, Cisco is committed to building a more complete ecosystem. According to demand characteristics of different industries and regional market, it has developed a integrated cloud computing platform which is the most suitable for localization of the development and is promoting industrial transformation and market transition to achieve higher and faster economic growth.

As a leading domestic OpenStack-based cloud service provider, UnitedStack has attracted the attention of Cisco with its excellent technical abilities and unique business model. Based on the common understanding of China market and high complementary, the two sides build a strategic business cooperation. This also is the latest layout of Cisco's cloud strategy in China OpenStack market.

He Jun, general manager at Cisco cloud computing & digital services division, said: "The collaboration of UnitedStack and Cisco is concrete manifestation of Cisco’s cloud service localization strategy. Cisco is a leading company in the global market of cloud computing infrastructure and UnitedStack, as the earliest OpenStack-based solution provider in China, has accumulated huge technological and market advantages so that it takes a key role in the industry which can be as a iconic reference. The alliance combines the respective advantages, so we can create the best OpenStack-based private cloud and hybrid cloud solutions for Chinese enterprise customers. The two companies will focus on the innovations of private cloud and hybrid cloud, work together on developing cloud computing solutions which are suitable for Chinese enterprise customers, strengthen the cooperation in the OpenStack community and jointly expand market and sales opportunities. Cisco has always attached importance to localize its business and develop for local market. So building the strategic cooperation with UnitedStack is one of the important initiatives of Cisco localization strategies. That also is the important part of the cloud ecosystem in China that Cisco is devoting to building. "

Cheng Hui, Founder & CEO of UnitedStack, said, “UnitedStack participated in the development process of China's cloud computing. From initially introducing Open-Stack into China to now, we always are the leader and practitioner of open source cloud market. In this process, UnitedStack has grown from several people at the beginning to today's hundreds of people. It achieved rapid growth in the number of customers and covered many industries. Completion of Series C round of financing also is the new beginning of our more rapid development. In the future, United-Stack will be devoting to building united stacks around the world.”

About UnitedStack:

UnitedStack, founded in February 2013, always devotes itself to building united stacks around the world.

As the first OpenStack open source cloud computing company in China, UnitedStack is the first cloud service provider offering managed private cloud in China market and also is the first company which offers highly reliable OpenStack-based platform UOS providing the same area nodes of public cloud and managed private cloud in Chinese cloud computing field. Moreover, it is the first Chinese cloud ser-vice provider initially passed a passel of interoperability tests of the OpenStack Foundation.

UnitedStack UOS, the core product of UnitedStack with high reliability, integrates with the core technologies and capacities such as elastic computing, distributed block storage and SDN (software-defined networking), etc. and unique features like second-level deployment and online migration. It brings a new generation of cloud infrastructure with more security, reliability and high performance.

UnitedStack is an important hybrid cloud provider in China market, its cloud ser-vice highly praised by its customers in various industries including internet, energy, finance, manufacture and other industries.

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