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Tesora Database as a Service Enterprise Edition Now Supports 11 Database Technologies – More than Twice any Comparable Product

Tesora announces an update of its enterprise-hardened implementation of OpenStack Trove database as a service (DBaaS) platform that now simplifies management of 11 different database technologies throughout their lifecycle. The new Tesora DBaaS Platform Enterprise Edition 1.5 builds on the extensive list of databases currently supported, adding CouchDB 1.6 and DB2 Express 10.5 databases, as well as an updated database version of Redis 3.0. It also includes new database management features and deeper integration with the OpenStack Horizon dashboard.

Additional capabilities brought to Tesora’s DBaaS Platform make it easier to manage databases through their entire lifetime with support for:

- MongoDB backup and restore, and clustering, along with user management;

- Oracle 11g backup and restore;

- Redis backup and restore, configuration group definitions and clustering, as well as new replication functionality;

- Enhanced integration with the OpenStack Horizon dashboard, enabling MongoDB and Redis clusters to be created and managed from a graphical user interface.

The updated Tesora DBaaS Platform also comes with a streamlined installer that simplifies the process of installing and configuring the software, letting users get DBaaS up and running quickly.

“With the addition of CouchDB and DB2 Express, our Enterprise Edition now supports a total of 11 databases, the most on the market today,” said Ken Rugg, CEO of Tesora. "At the same time, our DBaaS platform considerably simplifies the overall management and operation of database servers throughout their lifecycle.”

“We anticipate growing interest in technologies that enable private DBaaS,” said Matt Aslett, research director for data platforms and analytics at 451 Research. “As a primary developer and supporter of the OpenStack Trove project, Tesora is well-positioned to take advantage of that growing interest.”

In addition to multiple databases supported, Tesora DBaaS Enterprise Edition is certified with leading OpenStack distributions that include Mirantis OpenStack, Red Hat Enterprise OpenStack, and Ubuntu OpenStack.

Tesora, the primary developer and supporter of OpenStack Trove, provides 24/7 support with enterprise service level agreements, along with frequent maintenance release and bug fixes that resolve problems quickly, plus detailed documentation. Tesora is the leading contributor to the Trove project, alongside other contributing companies like HP, Rackspace, eBay, and Red Hat.

Tesora DBaaS Platform Enterprise Edition 1.5 is available immediately. This enterprise-hardened implementation of the OpenStack Trove DBaaS is based on the most current OpenStack code base (stable Kilo with early upstream Liberty features).

About OpenStack Trove
OpenStack Trove database as a service is transforming the way databases are provisioned and managed, to make database capacity that can be consumed on-demand. Trove lets administrators and DevOps manage multiple instances of different database management systems (DBMS), both relational and NoSQL, using a common infrastructure. This makes it much easier and faster to select and operate a database – while retaining all its capabilities – in a secure private or public cloud. The result is that routine tasks like provisioning, and managing regular administrative tasks like clustering, replication, backup and restore are handled in a simple, unified way.

About Tesora
Tesora brings more than 200 years of cumulative database technology experience to the OpenStack community, helping organizations get the most from their OpenStack investment by making it easy to deliver database capacity on demand. The company is the leading contributor to the OpenStack Trove project and developer of Tesora DBaaS Platform Enterprise Edition, the first commercially-available product based on Trove. To learn more about Tesora visit

2015-09-24 12:00:00