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T2Cloud Training for OpenStack

OpenStack Bootcamp

Intermediate Level

According to the abundantly disciplinary and practical experience through many years, our team has developed a series of hands-on training courses. Those courses in the company cover the areas of installation and disposition, operation and maintenance, development, infrastructure, automated testing, project management, product management, etc. Those real sand table simulation will help you to open a new world of cloud computing.



(1) Understanding the OpenStack environment

(2) Create Users, Projects and Quotas

(3) Create and manage Network Router

(4) Security groups and Floating IPs

(5) Create and manage images

(6) Create, manage and access Virtual Machine

(7) Create and manage volumes



(1) Nova Architecture

(2) Cinder Architecture

(3) Glance Architecture

(4) Keystone Architecture

(5) Dashboard Architecture

(6) Neutron Architecture

(7) Ceilometer Architecture

(8) Trove Architecture

(9) Sahara Architecture

(10) Ironic Architecture

(11) Swift Architecture

(12) Heat Architecture



(1) Configure the operating system (CentOS 7.2) and networking

(2) Installing and configuring databases (MySQL) and messaging (RabbitMQ) servers

(3) Installing and configuring OpenStack identity (Keystone)

(4) Installing and configuring the OpenStack Image Service (Glance)

(5) Installing the OpenStack Networking (Neutron) service

(6) Configuring the Networking (Neutron) to use the ML2 plug-in with the Linux bridge driver

(7) Installing and configuring the OpenStack Compute (Nova

(8) Configuring the OpenStack Compute (Nova) with KVM hypervisor

(9) Installing and configuring the OpenStack dashboard (Horizon

(10) Installing and configuring the OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder)

(11) Configuring the OpenStack Block Storage (Cinder) to use two back ends (LVM

(12) Installing and configuring the OpenStack Orchestration (Heat)



(1) OpenStack high availability considerations and approaches

(2)  Deployment topologies and reference architectures

(3) Planning an OpenStack deployment

(4) Automated deployment of OpenStack:tools and approaches


Location Starts Ends Duration  
Beijing, China May 13, 2017 May 16, 2017 4 Days Register

T2cloud Academy is an educational organization developed by Beijing T2Cloud Technology Co.LTD who focus on develop those professional brains for cloud-based technology. The company plays a leading role and combines with colleges and universities to provide professional knowledge of cloud-based technology and specific training towards those professional workers and amateurs as well as enterprise-level users in all kinds of occupations in society, which may help develop those cloud computing brains with professional theories and abundantly practical experience.


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