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Oracle University

Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux: Getting Started

Beginner Level

Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux: Getting Started teaches students that are new to OpenStack about this cloud computing architecture, core and optional services, Docker images and containers, a multi-node deployment, and troubleshooting deployments. Learn To: Describe Oracle OpenStack for Oracle Linux. Describe the architecture. Identify core and options services. Describe Docker images and containers. Describe preparing nodes and a multi-node deployment. Troubleshoot a multi-node deployment. Benefits To You: The Oracle OpenStack solution maintains the flexibility of OpenStack while allowing customers to deploy and manage public, private and hybrid cloud infrastructure. This course helps you understand all the concepts involved in these architectures. Oracle OpenStack is packaged as a set of Docker images for streamlining installation and running within Docker containers which eliminates the need to install components individually and directly on nodes. You will see the steps involved in achieving a multi-node deployment, as well as key troubleshooting tips. 

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Oracle OpenStack: Administration Essentials

Beginner Level

Oracle OpenStack: Administration Essentials teaches students about essential OpenStack services for creating and managing cloud resources as a cloud administrator and identifies tasks cloud operators perform. Using a web browser and command line interface, students learn to create and deploy networks, launch virtual machine instances, and attach storage for storing data. The course covers resource deployment automation using scripting and the Heat Orchestration service. Additionally, students create and manage a Murano application for publishing to an application catalog. Students learn about Ceilometer metering for collecting sample data to generate reports, in addition to, administering alarms for monitoring resource usage. Learn To: View Oracle OpenStack via the Horizon Dashboard. Configure and use docker-ostk to access OpenStack services. Create and manage compute instances. Create and manage networks, subnets, and routers. Create and manage storage volumes and object containers. Benefits To You Oracle OpenStack: Administration Essentials teaches you how to use, configure, and administer OpenStack services. Students who need to deploy public, private, and hybrid clouds will benefit from taking this course. Students learn how to attach storage volumes to compute instances and create object containers for solving data persistence issues. From the monitoring of deployed resources, students gain an understanding in alarming and metering concepts for tracking and billing of customer resource usage. 

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Linux Learning Subscription

Beginner Level

Get access to online Linux courses with an annual subscription, which includes more than 350 videos and 175 hours of content delivered on Oracle's new platform interface with continuous updates to new course content. This online content solution is relevant not only to Oracle Linux administrators, but to Red Hat and CentOS administrators as well. From your developer to your system administrator, all of your team members can benefit from multiple training topic areas incorporated within the comprehensive online Linux tutorial, which includes content on Docker, OpenStack, Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM), Security Enhanced Linux (SELinux), OpenSCAP, Auditing and Oracle Ksplice. New topics will be introduced as they are available. Operating systems, containers, and virtualization are the fundamental building blocks of modern IT infrastructure. Oracle combines them all into one integrated offering with the Linux Learning Subscription. Operating on your choice of hardware - in your data center or in the cloud - Oracle Linux provides the reliability, scalability, security, and performance for demanding enterprise workloads. 

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OpenStack Administration Using Oracle Solaris 11

Advanced Level

This OpenStack Administration Using Oracle Solaris 11 training is an advanced course offering that encompasses multiple Oracle technologies (Oracle Solaris 11.3, and Oracle VirtualBox). Expert Oracle University instructors focus on helping you develop the skills and knowledge required for configuring Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) using OpenStack with Oracle Solaris 11.


Learn To:

Describe the OpenStack Framework

Configure a Single-Node OpenStack setup

Configure a Multi-Node OpenStack setup

Administer identity resources

Administer system resources

Troubleshoot OpenStack


Benefits to You:

By taking this course, you'll reap the benefits of participating in a series of guided hands-on labs that walk you through the full spectrum of OpenStack functionalities. You'll gain hands-on, real-world experience configuring and administering single and multiple node OpenStack setups. These labs are designed around scenarios to enhance the learning experience of setting up the cloud infrastructure using OpenStack with Oracle Solaris 11.


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