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Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Education for OpenStack® Cloud

Introduction to OpenStack® Training Subscription (H0MB7S)

Beginner Level

This training subscription is comprised of 11 separate modules that focus on the operation and architecture of the various core OpenStack® components, called Projects. It also introduces the tools, processes, and resources R&D engineers will need to get started developing for OpenStack®. Hands-on exercises using OpenStack® are an integral part of this Subscription.  

Location Starts Ends Duration  
Online Only Ongoing Ongoing   Register

Fundamentals of OpenStack® Technology (H6C68S)

Intermediate Level

This 3-day course assists administrators and users to configure, manage, and use the OpenStack cloud services platform. An architectural overview ensures understanding of various OpenStack projects and their functions. Hands-on labs provide configuration and operation experience with major aspects of the OpenStack environment. GTR = Guaranteed to Run sessions 

  • OpenStack Compute
  • OpenStack Object Storage
  • OpenStack Image Service
  • OpenStack Networking
  • OpenStack Dashboard
  • OpenStack Orchestration
  • OpenStack Identity
  • OpenStack Metering
  • OpenStack Block Storage
Location Starts Ends Duration  
Virtual Instructor Led Training, United States Oct 22, 2018 Oct 24, 2018 3 Days Register

OpenStack® Technology Prime Training Subscription (H0MB3S)

Intermediate Level

This subscription offering is strongly recommended for OpenStack® Technology administrators and new developers who want to stay abreast of the ever-changing Openstack technologies and continually learn from other experts and professionals. This subscription includes virtual and e-learning events/webinars, online resources/videos, office hours and courseware upgrades. Access to HPE Virtual lab environment is also included, providing an opportunity to learn and experiment on non-production equipment at your convenience. Special offer in USA/Canada: This Subscription is available at no charge to students who register and attend the HPE 3day H6C68s Fundamentals of Openstack Technology course prior to April 30th, 2017  

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Online Only Ongoing Ongoing   Register

Docker (H0DS3S)

Intermediate Level

Linux containers are changing the way companies think about service development and deployment. Containers play a vital role in the modern data-center, and Docker is leading the way. This course covers all the core features of Docker including: container creation and management, interacting with Docker hub, using Dockerfile to create and manage custom images, advanced Docker networking (how to safely expose container services to the world, and link containers), the use of Docker volumes to manage persistent data, and Docker Compose to build multi-container applications. Emphasis is placed on best practices and how to secure Docker installations and containers. Course culminates with comprehensive labs where students use Docker, Git, and a continuous integration server to automate the testing of containerized applications.  

Location Starts Ends Duration  
Virtual Instructor Led Training, United States Oct 29, 2018 Oct 31, 2018 3 Days Register
Virtual Instructor Led Training, United States Dec 17, 2018 Dec 19, 2018 3 Days Register

COA Training Partner

HPE offers a robust vendor neutral OpenStack® technology curriculum, Office Hours with cloud experts, various training subscription options and certification exam prep to support the Certified OpenStack® Administrator (COA) exam. Our OpenStack® experts use real-world examples and hands-on virtual labs to provide you with relevant OpenStack® skills to be successful in the fast paced and changing dynamics in HybridIT, Cloud, and NFV environments.


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