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About INAP

Internap helps people build and manage the world’s best performing IT infrastructure.

INAP Commitment

As one of the earliest on-going contributors to OpenStack, Internap is committed to providing an open, fully-featured cloud platform that helps make applications faster and more scalable.

INAP Bare Metal

INAP Bare Metal give you the power of bare-metal servers with the provisioning and billing flexibility of a cloud server. Single-tenant servers eliminate resource contention and provide the full processing power of a dedicated server.

OpenStack Services Enabled

Service Release API Coverage
Bare Metal Provisioning Service Mitaka (Ironic ) N/A
Block Storage API & Extensions Mitaka (Cinder v2.0)
Compute Service API & Extensions Mitaka (Nova v2.0)
Dashboard Kilo (Horizon ) N/A
Identity service API & Extensions Mitaka (Keystone v3.0)
Image service API Mitaka (Glance v2.0)
Networking API & Extensions Mitaka (Neutron v2.0)
Object store API & Extensions Mitaka (Swift v1.0)
Orchestration API Kilo (Heat v1.0)

Other Details

Pricing Options

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Supported Hypervisors

ESXi Hyper-V

Supported Guests

Windows Linux


North America

Data Center Locations

Dallas Secaucus Amsterdam

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Regions where support is offered

South America
North America
Asia Pacific

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Denied my account -

by Timothy Fleming on Oct 12th 2018
I need an OpenStack instance to test some integration development work Im doing. I signed up for an account, my credit card was charged, then they denied my account without explanation. YMMV