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About DreamHost

DreamHost is a leading US-based cloud hosting company with over 400,000 customers worldwide. A founding member of the OpenStack Foundation, DreamHost has contributed significant code to the project, and runs the DreamCompute public cloud.

DreamHost Commitment

DreamHost is fully committed to the mission of OpenStack to become the ubiquitous cloud platform worldwide. We invest in developers, community and governance at all levels of the OpenStack project, and believe open source is the future of software.


Powered by OpenStack, Ceph, and Astara, DreamCompute is a highly scalable and secure cloud computing service that is built to power development environments, web & mobile apps, digital media, e-commerce websites & more for an affordable price.

OpenStack Services Enabled

Service Release API Coverage
Block Storage API & Extensions Kilo (Cinder v1.0)
Compute Service API & Extensions Kilo (Nova v2.0)
Dashboard Kilo (Horizon ) N/A
Identity service API & Extensions Kilo (Keystone v2.0)
Image Service API Kilo (Glance v2.0)
Networking API & Extensions Kilo (Neutron v2.0)

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US-East 2

Data Center Locations


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Regions where support is offered

North America


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