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About Cloudwatt

Cloudwatt provides high-scale, cost-effective public cloud computing and data storage services. We serve businesses targeting French and European markets who need high-performance networking, openness and privacy-sensitive data protection.

Cloudwatt Commitment

Cloudwatt builds its public cloud by leveraging OpenStack. The open-source software is at the heart of our strategy for enabling independence, velocity, standard and cost efficiency. We are active contributors and use the latest OpenStack releases.

Cloudwatt Cloud Services

One of the largest OpenStack coverage! Including full IaaS services compute, various OS, block & object storage, orchestration, console and additional services such as training, support, blog and 1-click-to-deploy apps. Try it ! Powered by Orange.

OpenStack Services Enabled

Service Release API Coverage
Block Storage API & Extensions Juno (Cinder v2.0)
Compute Service API & Extensions Juno (Nova v2.0)
( ) N/A
Dashboard Newton (Horizon ) N/A
Big Data Processing Framework Provisioning API Liberty (Sahara 1.1)
Identity service API & Extensions Juno (Keystone v2.0)
Image Service API Juno (Glance v2.0)
Networking API & Extensions Juno (Neutron v2.0)
Object Store API & Extensions Juno (Swift v1.0)
Orchestration API Kilo (Heat v1.0)

Other Details

Pricing Options

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Long-term Contract  

Supported Hypervisors


Supported Guests

Windows Linux


Europe Normandie
Europe Rueil

Data Center Locations

Val-de-Reuil Rueil-Malmaison

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great cloud -

by Mathieu Lejeune on Oct 24th 2016
I was looking for cloud services and I found cloudwatt thanks to one technical article.
I had no difficulty creating my account on their cloud. I’ve tested some of the open source apps and it was great. In case of any problem or ermergency, you can call them and you receive all the help you need . To sum up cloudwatt is a really efficient and secure plateform completed by good services.
Actor of the community -

by Florence Arnal on Oct 22nd 2016
Cloudwatt regularly publishes articles on its technical blog and shares blueprints in open source on its github.
A concern during your account setup ? contact the support service by mail : [email protected]
Comprehensive cloud service spoiled by tedious and -

by Gregory Frascadore on Aug 16th 2016
I found cloudwatt via their blog providing beautiful examples of
their service along with clear deployments of common stacks.
Unfortunately, their account registration is a time wasting sink
hole of validations and test charges that seem to succeed. Dont be
deceived. You will find your account locked right when you need it
for reasons requiring a phone call during business hours 7 time
zones away. Disappointing. A service that inexplicably locks after
starting service just cannot be relied upon.
majd -

by Majd Azzam on Apr 13th 2016
I think it is very good