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About Cloud&Heat Technologies

Cloud&Heat Technologies unites two markets: The cloud computing and the heating market. By using decentralized cloud servers hosted in Germany, the waste heat is used to heat buildings and provide warm water – an efficient green tech alternative

Cloud&Heat Technologies Commitment

Cloud&Heat Technologies believes in a community-driven approach to innovation and problem solving and OpenStack is the leading platform to support that. The professional and growing community give us as a start up a great means to exchange ideas.


Cloud&Heat offers all major IaaS products Compute, Block and Object Storage based on the Havanna release and follows a decentralized data centre approach with all DCs hosted in Germany.

OpenStack Services Enabled

Service Release API Coverage
Compute Service API & Extensions Havana (Nova v2.0)
Dashboard Havana (Horizon ) N/A
Identity service API & Extensions Havana (Keystone v2.0)
Image service API Havana (Glance v2.0)
Networking API & Extensions Havana (Neutron v2.0)
Metering & Data Collection Service API Havana (Ceilometer v2.0)

Other Details

Pricing Options

Per minute  
Long-term Contract  

Supported Hypervisors


Supported Guests

Windows Linux

Regions where support is offered



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