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About IBM

IBM is a worldwide leader in private, public and hybrid cloud solutions. IBM offers an integrated family of cloud technologies built on open standards for quickly building and scaling private clouds and hybrid clouds.

IBM Commitment

IBM has a strong history in supporting open source projects. As a founding and platinum member of the OpenStack Foundation, IBM continues to make significant investments in people and resources to enable and grow the success of the OpenStack community and code.

Bluemix Private Cloud

Bluemix Private Cloud is an OpenStack-powered private cloud. Fully managed, single-tenant IaaS available in IBM Cloud data centers or on-premises in yours. Achieve the security, control, and performance of private cloud with the ease of public cloud.

Federated Identity

This product supports OpenStack Federated Identity, allowing it to connect to other OpenStack clouds for Authentication and Authorization.

OpenStack Services Enabled

Service Release API Coverage
Block Storage API & Extensions Mitaka (Cinder v2.0)
Compute Service API & Extensions Mitaka (Nova v2.1)
Dashboard Mitaka (Horizon ) N/A
Identity service API & Extensions Mitaka (Keystone v3.0)
Image service API Mitaka (Glance v2.2)
Metering & Data Collection Service API Mitaka (Ceilometer v2.0)
Networking API & Extensions Mitaka (Neutron v2.0)
Object store API & Extensions Mitaka (Swift v1.0)
Orchestration API Mitaka (Heat v1.0)

Other Details

Pricing Options

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Supported Hypervisors


Supported Guests

Windows Linux


North America
Asia Pacific
Europe & MIddle East
South America
Central America

Data Center Locations

Dallas Mexico City Montreal Toronto Washington Chennai Hong Kong Melbourne Singapore Sydney Tokyo Frankfurt London Milan Paris Sao Paulo

Click any location to see availability zones and API endpoints

Regions where support is offered

South America
Central America
North America
Middle East
Asia Pacific


Product Overview and Demo of IBM Blue Box (09:17)

IBM Blue Box Demo (05:36)


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