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About JITStack

JITStack is a consultant company by using open-source technologies,which is committed to helping others to build self-owned infrastructure platform. We always make open-source excellence, and share rich experience to others through professional service and high quality products.

JITStack Commitment

For OpenStack, we strive for excellence, and we’ll still focus on community, blueprint and events etc.. We try to increase OpenStack influence in the automotive industry, industrial design and finance. We’ll also assign full-time staff to write technical documentation and train engineers.


JITStack products are designed for quick transitions on IT infrastructure systems that have a considerable sum of function modules. They support many upper business systems, such as the systems of vehicular networking and intelligent driving etc.

OpenStack Powered

This product is OpenStack Powered. It contains OpenStack software and has been validated through testing to provide API compatibility for OpenStack core services. Learn more about the testing criteria and core services here.

OpenStack Powered Platform 2020.06 . See full results [+].

OpenStack Powered Platform 2020.06

Platform Capabilities  
Designated Sections  

OpenStack Services Enabled

Service Release API Coverage
Ansible playbooks to deploy OpenStack Queens (Openstack-ansible ) N/A
Block Storage API & Extensions Queens (Cinder v3)
Command-line interface for all OpenStack services Queens (Openstackclient ) N/A
Compute Service API & Extensions Queens (Nova v2.1)
Dashboard Queens (Horizon ) N/A
Identity service API & Extensions Queens (Keystone v3.0)
Image service API Queens (Glance v2.0)
Networking API & Extensions Queens (Neutron v2.0)
Orchestration API Queens (Heat v1.0)

Other Details

Supported Hypervisors


Supported Guests

Windows Linux

Regions where support is offered

Asia Pacific


convenient,simple -

by 艳琦 贾 on Sep 5th 2019
Make my production more intelligent, convenient and smooth.
More importantly,I can easily handle the software without any help.