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About Breqwatr

Breqwatr empowers organizations by removing all the guesswork associated with building an OpenStack cloud. Our turnkey appliance allows organizations to harness the value of the public cloud, from the comfort and security of their own datacenter.

Breqwatr Commitment

Breqwatr is committed to making OpenStack more accessible. In re-thinking self service, we have kept user experience at the forefront of our design principles.

Breqwatr Cloud Appliance

Breqwatr is a hyper-converged cloud appliance complete with scale-out storage and compute. Breqwatr provides a simple to use, consumerized interface that end-users need, with the availability and resilience that the enterprise expects.

OpenStack Powered

This product is OpenStack Powered. It contains OpenStack software and has been validated through testing to provide API compatibility for OpenStack core services. Learn more about the testing criteria and core services here.

OpenStack Powered Compute 2017.01 . See full results [+].

OpenStack Powered Compute 2017.01

Compute Capabilities  
Designated Sections  

OpenStack Services Enabled

Service Release API Coverage
Block Storage API & Extensions Mitaka (Cinder v3.0)
Compute Service API & Extensions Mitaka (Nova v2.0)
Identity service API & Extensions Mitaka (Keystone v3.0)
Image Service API Mitaka (Glance v2.3)
Metering & Data Collection Service API Mitaka (Ceilometer v2.0)
Networking API & Extensions Mitaka (Neutron v2.0)

Other Details

Supported Hypervisors


Supported Guests

Windows Linux

Regions where support is offered

North America


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