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About Component Soft

Component Soft is an IT training and consulting company with 25+ years of history in mission critical IT systems based in Budapest Hungary and offering services in Europe, North and Latin America and beyond. We are an OpenInfra Foundation Silver Member, a CNCF Silver Member and a Red Hat Technology Partner. The main areas of our expertise are open-source cloud and cloud-native topics, such as Openstack, Docker, Ceph, Kubernetes and Ansible. Our main customers are global telecom vendors, operators as well as IT service providers.

Component Soft Commitment

As a longtime supporter of the Openstack Foundation and lately the OpenInfra Foundation, our mission is to provide high quality and affordable trainings in Openstack and related open-source cloud technologies for the member companies of the OpenInfra Foundation as well as for individual contributors, this way helping the development, spreading and implementation of these technologies.

—-, Component Soft

Component Soft Cloud Consulting

With 25+ years of experience in mission critical enterprise systems Component Soft offers comprehensive design, build and support services for cloud and cloud-native systems based on Openstack, Docker, Kubernetes Ceph, Ansible & related technologies.

Areas of OpenStack Expertise

Ansible playbooks and roles for deployment OpenStackAnsible
Ansible playbooks to deploy OpenStack Openstack-ansible
Backup, Restore, and Disaster Recovery Freezer
Bare Metal Provisioning Service Ironic
Benchmarking tool Rally
Block Storage Cinder
Command-line interface for all OpenStack services Openstackclient
Compute Service Nova
Container Orchestration Engine Provisioning Magnum
Dashboard Horizon
Database as a Service Trove
Deploys OpenStack in containers using Ansible Kolla-ansible
Deploys OpenStack using OpenStack itself Tripleo
DNS service Designate
Identity service Keystone
Image service Glance
Key management Barbican
Load balancer Octavia
Messaging Service Zaqar
Metering & Data Collection Service Ceilometer
Monitoring Monasca
Networking Neutron
Object store Swift
Official Python SDK for OpenStack APIs Openstacksdk
Orchestration Heat
Packaging-rpm Packaging-rpm
Python Software Development Kit Python SDK
RPM package specs to deploy OpenStack RPM-packaging
Shared filesystems Manila
The OpenStack Integration Test Suite Tempest

Services Offered

  • Feature Development (adding features to OpenStack)
  • Operations
  • Proof of Concept
  • Support
  • System Integration

Select Clients

  • Ericsson
  • Deutsche Telekom Group
  • SevOne
  • Market-Group
  • Erste Bank

Configuration Management Expertise

  • Ansible


  • English
  • Hungarian
  • Romanian

Regions with local offices

  • Europe


Click any map pin to see office address

Regions where support is offered

North America
Middle East


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