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Welcome to The Hall of Innovation

Learn about emerging projects from the OpenStack community. A community of over 3,500 developer from over 100 companies across the globe form an R&D engine that is producing the future of cloud computing at an amazing pace. Get a sneak peak at what they are working on right now, which will soon be a part of OpenStack clouds all over the world.


Mistral provides workflow management by automating taks. Potential use cases include cloud deployment, business process execution, big data analysis and live migration.

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Barbican is a service that provides secure storage, creation and management of cryptographic keys and certificates.

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Designate provides an abstracted service for managing DNS within OpenStack environments.

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Magnum provides services for managing application containers and makes container management tools like Docker and Kubernetes available as first class resources in OpenStack.

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Murano allows application developers and cloud administrators to publish cloud-ready applications in a browseable, categorized catalog, letting users deploy those apps in their cloud environment.

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OpenStackClient brings the command set for Compute, Identity, Image, Object Store and Volume APIs together in a single shell with a uniform command structure.

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Congress is used for policy management and enforcement. It provides a framework for governance and regulatory compliance across any cloud services.

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Rally is a tool to benchmark OpenStack cloud performance at scale and can show how code changes, hardware or architecture will affect scale and performance.

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Zaqar is a cloud messaging service for web developers. It enables a variety of distributed application patterns in an efficient, scalable and highly-available manner.

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Manila provides a service for shared file systems such as NFS. Shared file systems can be created, configured and accessed programmatically from other resources such as compute instances.

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Ironic is a bare metal service that provisions physical rather than virtual machines for workloads that require greater performance or specific hardware.

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Trove is a database service that allows you to utilize the features of a relational or non-relational database without the burden of handling complex administrative tasks.


Sahara provides a simple means to provision data-intensive application clusters, such as Hadoop or Spark, on top of OpenStack. 


MagnetoDB is a key-value store service for OpenStack. It provides horizontally scalable, queryable storage, accessible via REST API. 

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