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Company Profile: TransCirrus

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OpenStack Based Cloud Appliances


TransCirrus is a recent entrant in the cloud infrastrucutre market and delivers a Complete Cloud Platform in a Single Appliance.

TransCirrus’ strategic solution removes the barriers to cloud adoption.  The TransCirrus platform offers an effortless and cost effective user experience by combining the security and flexibility of a private cloud with the user-friendly aspects of a public cloud.

Clients can build, scale, and manage their own clouds and customize their usage instantly and seamlessly. Organizations can confidently maintain the services needed for business critical applications.

The TransCirrus solution to private cloud infrastructure: Simple, Flexible, Economical, and Secure.

Contributions To OpenStack From TransCirrus

TransCirrus is committed to OpenStack by leveraging the full set of components to deliver an Open-source solution to the market place and provide a simple and cost effective total solution.

Products & Services

The TransCirrus Core Node is the fastest way today to setup a complete OpenStack cloud compution environment.  It is zero to cloud in minutes! The underlying OpenStack is based on RDO and soon to come OSP.  The user interface allows for instances to be created in less than a minute.  The cloud environment can be automatically scaled out leveraging the TransCirrus software by just adding additional compute or storage resources.