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Company Profile: Tintri

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Enterprise Storage


Tintri builds smart storage that sees, learns and adapts, enabling IT organizations to focus on virtualized applications and business services instead of managing storage infrastructure. Tintri application-aware storage eliminates planning and complex troubleshooting by providing VM-level visibility, control, insight, and agility, with all flash performance for virtualized and cloud environments. Tintri powers hundreds of thousands of virtual machines running business critical databases, enterprise apps, desktops and mobile apps, and private cloud deployments. Tintri helps global enterprises such as AMD, F5 Networks, GE, NEC, NTT, MillerCoors, and Time Warner maximize their virtualization and cloud investments.

Contributions To OpenStack From Tintri

Tintri is developing initial integrations with OpenStack Cinder and Nova to provide application-aware storage for OpenStack instances provisioned on Tintri VMstore storage systems. 

Products & Services

Tintri VMstore systems are supported with VMware vSphere hypervisor running under VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) and in other OpenStack distributions with the Cinder NFS driver. A Tintri-provided Cinder driver, currently in preview, will provide Tintri's VM-aware management and visualization capabilities to OpenStack users.