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T2 Cloud


Cloud passers Teng Cloud computing solutions is a Professional Company, from 2011 onwards , WE have gradually Formed a mature solution includes a Variety of public Cloud, Private Cloud and hybrid Cloud, etc., and the success of a Number of customers to Provide advice and landing services.

Cloud passers Teng partners are the World's 500 strong IT Hardware, Software and Services vendors, China's leading IDC service vendors and Telecom Operators, Technology partners accumulation of Resources and clouds in Teng Way to Continue to Different Customer industries Effectively Deliver Cloud computing solutions.

Contributions To OpenStack From T2 Cloud

Cloud passers Teng R & D Team Consists of Research and Practice of Personnel Engaged in the first BATCH consisting of Open Cloud Technology, is committed to OpenStack Open Source Technology to Real Business IT Environment, Enhance Corporate IT Infrastructure Operational Efficiency, reduce operating Costs and Help Businesses Internet + Internet RELY on the Rapid Development of Open Source Technology advanced, Reliable Guarantee for the Core Business of the Tide. Cloud passers Teng Team in the Past four years for a Number of Domestic IDC Building Maintenance Operators to OpenStack based Cloud Platform, the cumulative Number of virtual Machines operated by More than 3 million units, is the MOST Experienced OpenStack public Cloud Platform Services Team.

Products & Services

T2Cloud2.0 Cloud operating system

T2Cloud2.0 Cloud computing operating system based on self-Developed virtualization and Cloud Technology, Data center resource pools Unified Management, Unified resource Scheduling, Able to Adapt to Cloud computing Resources as Well as Heterogeneous and Dynamic diversity of user requirements, Cloud Environment Autonomous load forecasting, Dynamic resource Integration, load balancing Scheduling and Control. The system involves a Wide range of advanced technologies SUCH as: storage virtualization, computing virtualization and Network virtualization in a Safe, stable, flexible, and Efficient Known.

Other services

Cloud Management Platform

Self-Service Portal

Global Monitoring

Operation Management

Monitoring Extension

Fine IT Management

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