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Company Profile: SwiftStack Inc

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SwiftStack Inc

Object Storage

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Based in San Francisco, SwiftStack innovations power private cloud storage for Enterprises. SwiftStack delivers the benefits of public cloud storage offerings from Amazon, Google, Microsoft and others, but runs behind the enterprise firewall within your custody on infrastructure that your internal IT teams control. Built on an open-source core, SwiftStack software is installed on standard server hardware, creating a scale-out cluster that is addressable over file services or via object APIs within and across your data centers.

With pay-as-you-grow licensing and freedom to choose preferred hardware infrastructure, SwiftStack enables the ability to start small and seamlessly scale huge. These unique cloud storage characteristics benefit data-centrical applications including archiving active data, serving web content, building private clouds, sharing documents, and storing backups. SwiftStack powers storage for eBay, HudsonAlpha, and Pac-12 Networks among many F500 companies, as an open solution that not only meets their applications needs today but also for tomorrow.

Contributions To OpenStack From SwiftStack Inc

SwiftStack is the lead upstream contributor to the OpenStack Swift project with around 20% of community activity in 2015. The Project Technical Lead (PTL), John Dickinson, is a member of the SwiftStack team and cuts the upstream releases.

SwiftStack’s active involvement in the Swift project is in part due to our commitment to ensuring that the functionality which touches your data is open source. With SwiftStack, you’re not locked into anything that’s proprietary. You own your data.

Products & Services

SwiftStack is a complete, enterprise-ready storage product with OpenStack Swift at the core. SwiftStack delivers needed and innovative functionality outside the datapath, while OpenStack Swift components are in the datapath. This gives enterprises private cloud storage that’s easy to deploy, scale, integrate with existing systems, and maintain over time.

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