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Company Profile: OpenIO

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Open Source Object Storage



Officially launched in June 2015 as a company, OpenIO has a long history and track record in object storage having started the design and the development of the product in open source in 2006. At that date, only a few pioneers existed and OpenIO belongs to this small group of innovators.

OpenIO builds a carrier-grade storage software solution that addresses the new, hot and tough challenges associated with large data and computing environment. This long background in object storage has culminated with large telecommunications operators adoption that chose OpenIO for their consumer email service since 2009.

The company, with HQ and development center in France, has extended recently its worldwide coverage with operations in US and Japan.


Contributions To OpenStack From OpenIO


OpenIO joins recently the OpenStack community as a Corporate sponsor and plans to contribute in several projects. Among them, we can list Swift, Manila, Glance, Keystone, Heat, Ceilometer and Trove.


Products & Services


OpenIO develops an open source object storage software with historical roots in 2006. The company leverages the strong core engine developed for almost 10 years to address several key corporate data asset challenges. The product is a pure Software Defined Storage solution operating on any hardware, transforming a farm of x86 commodity servers into a large pool of high resilient and high performance storage. The company articulates its offering with the notion of editions tailored to vertical markets and IT needs:

-       Core Edition is the common piece in every package, it delivers the foundation of the object storage service. With this package, object APIs and SDKs are provided such as OpenIO HTTP, OpenStack Swift and Amazon S3 and the WebUI as well.

-       Mail Edition is an advanced solution dedicated to email services such Dovecot, Cyrus Imap and Zimbra.

-       Video Edition is a new offering aligned with media and entertainment demanding environments to serve, protect, transcode and stream multimedia contents.

-       Enterprise Storage Edition represents the enterprise class object storage with classic file services capabilities with NFS, SMB, AFP, FTP built on top of the Core engine.