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Company Profile: Enter Cloud Suite

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Enter Cloud Suite

Internet Services/Cloud Services


Enter has been a leading Italian Internet Service Provider since 1996 and it is now an emerging Cloud Service provider.

The company offers B2B Internet services, IaaS cloud solutions and international IP VPN projects based on MPLS to midsize companies and enterprises, leveraging its proprietary European backbone.

Thanks to the contamination with the open-source culture, Enter has become one of the Italian companies that best understands the models of the collaborative economy. Today Enter hosts Login, the largest tech coworking space in Milan, runs the first shop for the Internet of Things and invests in startups like WeMake - the makerspace dedicated to 3D printing, Arduino and wearable technologies - and Produzioni dal Basso, the first Italian crowdfunding platform.


Contributions To OpenStack From Enter Cloud Suite

Enter chose OpenStack, not only because it is fully open source and well documented, but also due to the project’s modular, pluggable architecture and constantly evolving tool set that allows for integration into other service providers’ infrastructures.

Enter joined the community at a very early stage, since Diablo, and has been contributing to OpenStack up to the current release.

At the moment, Enter performs the largest installation of OpenStack in Europe for public cloud.

Products & Services

Enter Cloud Suite is the first OpenStack based IaaS cloud service distributed across multiple regions in Europe.

With Enter Cloud Suite customers can orchestrate servers, storage, network services, domains, DNS and CDN through an intuitive graphical interface or via API.

It is a suitable solution to host web and mobile projects, create e-commerce sites, store data safely, perform disaster recovery operations or analyze big data.

Enter Cloud Suite is built on a network infrastructure that connects the five major European POPs: Milan, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, London and Paris.

Customers can also ask for a managed offering which includes the support and assistance of a team of engineers, to design complex architectures and migrate applications and services. 

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