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Component Soft

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The mission of Component Soft is to provide high quality IT trainings and consultation for corporate and governmental customers within the European Union on the area of complete IT infrastructure and software development as well as to develop course books and course lab environments for similar IT training companies. We describe our professional expertise with triple O: Oracle (mainly Solaris and MySQL), Open Source (Linux, Linux virtualization, web and application servers as well as Java, Bash, Perl and Python programming languages) and OpenStack. We offer education and consultancy on all three areas while we create course books and course lab environments at the last two ones.

Contributions To OpenStack From Component Soft

With 20+ years experience in enterprise UNIX and open source systems throughout Europe, Component Soft offers an extending portfolio of OpenStack, Docker, Kubernetes and DevOps trainings in several European cities as well as online. In-depth theoretical coverage and hands-on exercises at affordable prices.

We regularly run our entry level OST-101 Introduction to Openstack private clouds course in free online form in American and European timezones where we also have several participants from Asia and Africa. These events help IT and telco professionals throughout the world to quickly and freely learn the history, development model and structure of Openstack as well as the basics of its most important building blocks.

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