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Company Profile: Cloudwatt

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Information Technology and Services

, FR


Cloudwatt is a sovereign producer of computing power offering public cloud services with an on-demand type infrastructure (IaaS), ensuring security, transparency, reversibility, and the storage of all data exclusively in France at the best prices.

This offer is aimed at professionals involved in IT, businesses, and public organizations.

Cloudwatt was founded in September 2012 by Orange in conjunction with Thales and the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations, acting on the initiative of the French State to increase the number of sovereign cloud providers. In March 2015, Orange acquired all remaining shares of Cloudwatt.


Cloudwatt's portfolio includes:

Virtual machine instances billed only upon use, with a range of vCPU, RAM and local disk profiles that can be adapted to any request.

Fully scalable block and object storage.

Advanced networking features including direct and MPLS connections to guarantee performance and security.

A library of open source applications deployable with one click and running in minutes.

A range of services to facilitate the use of the platform: customer support, tutorials, forums, training, and a dedicated community.


With prices frequently lower than those of the leading providers, and per-minute billing allowing costs to better reflect actual consumption, Cloudwatt already stands to be a serious alternative to even veteran players in the cloud market. 

Cloudwatt operates solely (so far) from datacenters located in France, providing its customers with all the benefits and privacy that French territory and legislation can provide their data.

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