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Company Profile: ChinaCloud

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Information Technology


ChinaCloud was established at 2013 as a subsidary of CETC software and information service Co.,Ltd.(CETC-SS).

From day it was build, ChinaCloud is dedicated to offer professional services, products and solutions of cloud computing and big data to full industries and territory coverage in China. Now it is one of china's top cloud platform Independent solution providers and service providers

The company has two R&D centers in Shanghai and Chendu, and one marketing center in Beijing. Researchers and developers account for 60% of all employees, and 31% of the employee hold master's degree or above. It grouped together a lot top scientists and leading experts in various key industrial fields.

Contributions To OpenStack From ChinaCloud

  • Early OpenStack evangelist in China
  • Peform CETC group "huayun" plan. 
  • 30+ success OpenStack production deployments in China,  cover main industries and territory in China.
  • 10000+   offer professional service, managing and operating teco public cloud with 10000+  vm and keep fast growth
  • 80+     developers and experts in cloud computing area. include earlier oversea OpenStack contributors

Products & Services

ChinaCloud offer professional services, product and solution for customers to build public and private clouds.

Pulsar is the ChinaCloud's hardened OpenStack distribution for building enterprise grade cloud. With enhancements for hyper-v,vmware and ironic, pulsar can manages heterogeneous infrastructure environment and offer you central control panel of the resources. 

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