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Aptira is the leading provider of OpenStack services in the APAC region, delivering cloud and Software Defined Infrastructure, consultancy and solutions to meet the most demanding applications. Aptira specialises in hosting, architecture, engineering, delivery, management, and maintenance of cloud services to a wide range of service provider, government, educational, scientific and enterprise customers. We are the perfect partner to support your business.

We can assess your needs and help you move your business to become more agile, achieve high velocity and deliver greater value. Aptira can provide traditional support to your IT team, or you can leverage our world-class, follow the sun DevOps team. Our aim is to become part of your team, a trusted advisor, a partner and a strategic asset to your organisation. We want you to spend more time focussing on your business.

Let us turn your business capabilities into a competitive advantage: aptira.com

Contributions To OpenStack From Aptira


Community: Aptira is the founder and prime motivator of the OpenStack community in Australia, India, Taiwan and Hungary. Aptira founded and is the primary sponsor and host of the Australian User Group, and the Indian User Group where you can meet around 1300 “OzStackers” and around 5700 “InStackers”. 

Events: Aptira organises and hosts OpenStack Days and hackathons around the world, including OpenStack Australia Days, OpenStack India Days, the first OpenStack Hackathon in Taiwan, and the upcoming Hackathons in Australia.

Training: Learn from instructors with real world expertise. Our trainers are our engineers with experience deploying and operating some of the largest and most complex deployments. We offer a range of online and on-site courses.

Foundation: Led by Tristan Goode, a founding and 4 times elected member of the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors, Aptira is a Gold Member of the OpenStack Foundation and is committed to supporting the OpenStack community world-wide. Aptira currently holds 2 seats on the OpenStack Foundation Board of Directors and is one of the few remaining independent voices in the community. We continually advocate for Transparency, Diversity & Inclusion within the community.

Products & Services


The leading provider of OpenStack services in the APAC region, delivering private and hybrid cloud solutions, consultancy and customised solutions to Enterprises, ISP’s & Telcos around the globe. From OpenStack services, container technologies, storage and networking solutions, to DevOps services and developing customised in-house tools, all of our services are specifically designed to save you time, money and allow you to stay ahead of your competitors.

We revel in relentlessly re-engineering, automating and stripping away layers, providing ultra-lean environments for your applications to function at utmost efficiency, saving you headaches and more importantly saving you money. In our strategic partner Equinix’s world class data centres, Aptira manages a wide variety of services for a wide variety of customers internationally, utilising state of the art cloud infrastructure combined with well honed traditionally engineered best practice solutions.

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