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Company Profile: Solinea

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OpenStack Software and Services


Solinea is the software and services company purpose-built to deliver cloud strategy, architecture and integration services to enterprises, service providers and SaaS providers. We solve the major cloud computing infrastructure challenges with a specific focus on the OpenStack ecosystem.
Using our proven delivery model, we partner with clients to help them navigate cloud, whether its optimizing their cloud go to market strategy, designing a cloud architecture that supports current and future workloads, or integrating OpenStack into the enterprise. Our track record of success speaks for itself, having worked with Tier 1 service providers, a top five global automotive manufacturer, or regional CSPs.

Contributions To OpenStack From Solinea

Our team is comprised of OpenStack thought leaders and experts who have been contributing to OpenStack since its inception.
  • Architected and built 4 of the first 8 OpenStack compute and object storage clouds
  • Led the build and deployment of the first publicly available OpenStack Nova-based cloud
  • Authored the first O’Reilly book on OpenStack; Pre-order the upcoming Havana edition of “Deploying OpenStack” – authored by Solinea CTO Ken Pepple – here
  • First blueprints contributed during Bexar release in 2011
  • Multiple documentation submissions
  • Frequent speakers at OpenStack Summits

Products & Services

We conceive cloud strategies, architect cloud infrastructure and integrate clouds for enterprises, service providers and SaaS providers–all with a focus on OpenStack. In fact, our team was responsible for delivering and integrating some of the earliest Openstack compute and storage clouds globally.
One of the largest barriers to taking full advantage of cloud computing is acquiring the skills and knowledge to guide you through the development and deployment of the right solution. The Solinea OpenStack Training Essentials program, allows your organization to learn directly from the architects and engineers who have built some of the largest OpenStack clouds that are in production today.

For More Information

Please contact us at [email protected]