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Company Profile: Open Source Storage, LLC

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Open Source Storage, LLC


To the creators of Open Source Storage, Freedom Matters  Go Open isn’t just a slogan, it’s a promise for the future of technology throughout the world.

We understand the pressures you’re under to achieve cheaper, faster, and better system developments. And in today’s highly competitive, global market, the squeeze on your I.T. budgets has intensified the need to become more efficient and cost-effective in your technology choices.

Open Source Storage, (OSS) was founded in 2001 by visionary and creator of the open source storage movement, Eren Niazi. Eren envisioned a world where the largest enterprises were using open source software in large scale data center deployments. Consequently, the technologies OSS developed have become the model for industry storage solutions.

We are experts in enterprise level open source deployments and integrating open source solutions into existing business infrastructures. OSS solutions are designed to offer the choices and flexibility to requirements.

Freedom Matters…

OSS is about the paradigm shift of setting technology free and allowing it to evolve. Break free from proprietary lock-in vendors and for-a-use-fee solutions. OSS encourages disruption from the norm with technologies that allow customers to deploy cost-effective, reliable solutions.

Live Free - Go Open


Contributions To OpenStack From Open Source Storage, LLC

Open Source Storage, LLC

Products & Services

The Open Source Storage Cloud family offers pre-configured cloud solutions that can extend private cloud capabilities (when needed) or in hybrid cloud mode as it supports integration with popular public cloud platforms. Simplify and easily consolidate your infrastructure without losing the processing power or management capabilities required by your data infrastructure. Each system is pre-loaded with a qualified, integrated, and secure open source software stack.

The Open Source Storage family provides the storage solution as either a stand-alone subsystem or as an integration with our cloud solution. Using a building block approach for hardware and software, we customize and tune integrated storage management software stacks at the factory in a turn-key solution that address scalability requirements from startups to large enterprise systems.

Building on the commodity hardware as components, OSS leverages open source software stacks such as OpenStack and Maria DB Cluster.

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