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Company Profile: INFINIDAT

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Companies who acquire, store and analyze the most data, achieve the greatest competitive advantage. Founded by enterprise storage industry veteran Moshe Yanai, INFINIDAT helps clients achieve competitive business advantage at a disruptive price point by delivering 1M IOPS of performance, 99.99999% reliability and scales to over 2 PB of capacity in a single rack.  Automated provisioning, management, and application integration, including OpenStack integration, provide a system that is incredibly efficient and easy to deploy and manage. INFINIDAT is changing the paradigm of enterprise storage while reducing capital requirements, operational overhead, and complexity. INFINIDAT: Storing the Future.

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INFINIDAT storage solves the challenges of OpenStack storage at scale: simplicity, efficiency, reliability, and best-in-class integration. Our flagship product, InfiniBox, delivers petabytes of usable storage in a pre-integrated standard 42U rack, designed for 99.99999% (seven-nines) resiliency, outstanding performance, and great API integration, all with a TCO that is a fraction of typical enterprise storage. Integration between InfiniBox and OpenStack is easy using our InfiniBox Cinder driver and Host PowerTools™ which streamline the process of deploying our storage in Cinder block storage environments. File (Manila) and object (Swift) integration efforts are under way as well. The combination of simplicity, efficiency, reliability, performance, integration, and TCO makes INFINIDAT storage ideal for multi-petabyte OpenStack environments.

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INFINIDAT storage is fully integrated with OpenStack, supporting Cinder (block storage) today, with further integrations with Manila (file storage) and Swift (object storage) under way. Our Cinder driver and automated deployment tools allow administrators to prepare OpenStack hosts for InfiniBox storage, integrate InfiniBox into service catalogs, and begin provisioning InfiniBox storage to OpenStack guests, typically in less than 15 minutes. Our INFINIDAT Cinder driver tightly integrates with InfiniBox capabilities, including native full-disk encryption and our patented InfiniSnap™ engine that can provide 100,000 thin snapshots with zero performance impact whatsoever. More details can be found in INFINIDAT’s OpenStack white paper.

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