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2020 Board Elections: Gold Member Candidate List

Gold Director Selector Candidates

The candidates on this list are the intended Gold Directors from the Gold Member companies who are running for election as Gold Director Selectors.



Arkady Kanevsky

About Arkady Kanevsky

Arkady has been a member of OpenStack since Grizzly. He is director of engineering leading a team of developers responsible for development of DellEMC OpenStack solutions.  Arkady has PhD. in CS from UIUC.  He straddled academic, research, architect, developer, and product owner roles.  Arkady roles included  but not limited to, research publications and Program committee member for various conferences like FAST (, Chair or board member  of several standard activities, like DAT (,  OpenFabric ( and MPI-RT ( to product delivery, like EMC Atmos, Dell OpenStack solutions among others.

Arkady represents Dell Technologies at OpenStack, including Dell EMC, VMware, Pivotal, VirtuStream.

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Xilun Chen

About Xilun Chen

Xilun Chen is the founder and CEO of EasyStack (, an Open Cloud Computing company.  Founded in 2014, EasyStack has grown to be the leading player with more than 300 large enterprise customers including State Grid of China, China Post Saving Bank,Lenovo, TCL,Tsinghua University and etc. Today EasyStack has branches in Silicon Valley, Singapore, as well as many cities in China.

Xilun started the OpenStack journey since 2011 with the mission to create a large OpenStack development team in IBM China R&D center as the manager, that was the earliest and largest OpenStack team working on community contribution in China, and had count up to nearly 50% of IBM contribution in 2013. Toady under his leadership EasyStack is one of the key contributors to openstack community in China.

Xilun is one of the earliest open source evangelist who founded and which are the most popular platform for Chinese language developers and users today. He is also the initiator of many tech meetups and go-to-market customer workshops that help promoting OpenStack.

Xilun has the faith that open-source as a key momentum in IT can change the world, and he succeed in developing a business model that deliver Open Source value to customer. He is also a leader who has deep insight in cloud technology as well as strong engagement with the market especially in China



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Ryan Beisner

About Ryan Beisner

Cloud Infrastructure Engineering Manager at NVIDIA.  Former OpenStack Foundation Board Director.  Former Ubuntu OpenStack and Ceph Engineering Manager at Canonical.  Open Source advocate throughout.

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Clemens Hardewig

About Clemens Hardewig

Clemens is born in Germany and married with three kids, I have a PhD in computer science and worked in the communication industry in different managerial roles in IT.

Working for Deutsche Telekom-T-Systems since 1997,  IT wise Clemens grew up in the **ix space and became excited with Opensource and community work already early in my carrier. Since then, the use and promotion of Opensource Technology in the different stations of my carrier is one of the red lines Clemens always tried to facilitate and develop.

Being with Deutsche Telekom in different managerial roles, Clemens has been involved in depth  in Community Work as eg in the early days of Mobile Internet where I helped to develop the Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) Community as a accounable representative for DT.

After several years in Mobile Communications and traditional IT as Technical Manager, Clemens took the opportunity and leads since 2014 the Technology team within T-Systems which builds and delivers the Open Telekom Cloud (OTC), a public cloud offering in Europe based on Openstack and being currently accountable for the teams of architects, engineers, operations and consultants.

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Johan Christenson

About Johan Christenson

Johan Christenson is an entrepreneur whom has successfully exited multiple companies he founded. After receiving a graduate degree in Engineering, from Florida Institute of Technology, his focus turned to the digital space.

Johan is the founder and CEO of City Network (a part of Iver), which offers a global public cloud as well as private clouds for enterprises - all based on OpenStack. City Networks mission is to enable innovation and focuses on enterprises with regulatory challenges.

Johan sees OpenStack and open infrastructure as critical for all enterprises in order to provide options and create competition in an ever more centralized infrastructure world. He, and the team at City, empower new types of industries and markets to use the power of OpenStack, to enable and increase innovation in their organizations.

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Zhang ZuoChen

About Zhang ZuoChen

Zhang Zuochen, who assume the Vice President of Troila Technology, General Manager of Troila Kunlun Cloud. He has been working in the field of cloud computing software R & D for more than ten years. Taking "Improving Chinese software, serving global corporation" as his intention, he has set out to establish a cloud computing R & D team - Troila Kunlun Cloud with excellent technology and service quality.

Under his leadership, Troila Kunlun Cloud has actively distributed the full stack of cloud based software products, to make extremely competitive cloud foundation software with all their efforts in the market. Troila Kunlun Cloud can provide users with its service which owned high safety, controllability, stability and high performance, for assisting the global consumer to build their core competitiveness in the Cloud Era.

At present, Troila Kunlun Cloud has become an important partner of OSF. In the future, it will further carry out in-depth cooperation on open source community ecological construction and product development.

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junwei liu

About junwei liu

JunWei Liu serves as Director Of OIF in 2017. He works at China Mobile for ten years and he is the General Manager of Cloud Product Deparment,China Mobile SuZhou R&D Center. Over the last 10+ years,he has worked on developing and building China Mobile's cloud products-"Big Cloud",which is an fully cloud software stack including computing,storage,network,security and cloud management platform. As the cheif architect of Big Cloud, Junwei leads a team more than 400 people to construct China Mobile's public cloud (It‘s one of the biggest public cloud based openstack including 40,000 physical nodes) and private cloud (It's one of the biggest private cloud based openstack including 100,000 physical nodes,20000 baremetal nodes base ironic). China Mobile Public Cloud has achieved more than 8 billion revenue and it is the fastest growing public cloud in china. So junwei has rich experience in cloud R&D and operation, especially for openstack. His team won OpenStack SuperUser in 2016 and they give back their experience to OpenStack Community all the time, for example telecom demand about availability and scalability, real demand for end-user, deep customization for workload. 

Junwei Liu is also very active for OpenStack's promotion and landing in China. For example, he is an organizer of  China OpenStack Hackathon and Meet-up in SuZhou. He always comes up some unique idea for OpenStack based the demand of China Mobile's customers. He often leads his team to share their experience for China OpenStack users and make OpenStack more mature cooperating China Mobile's partners.

Junwei Liu lead his team to optimize the nova scheduler and ironic project for 100,000 nodes scenario in one region. The optimized scheduler can achieve 2000 concurrent virtual machine delivery in several minutes.

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Xin Zhong

About Xin Zhong

Xin Zhong got his Master Degree from Tsinghua University in 2003. He has nearly 20 years of open source related experience. He is an expert in Linux OS, distributed storage and cloud computing. He has been involved in development and operation of several large-scale internet and enterprise cloud platform as technical director or chief architect.Currently, he is the CTO of Wo Cloud for China Unicom.He is in charge of the development team with nearly 200 engineers who are working for public cloud, private cloud and multi-cloud management products. He and his team are very active in open source projects like openstack, ceph, etc.

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Vijoy Pandey

About Vijoy Pandey

Vijoy is the VP and CTO of Cloud at Cisco, having joined Cisco in August 2018.

Vijoy was previously at Google where he has held various leadership roles in the architecture, engineering and operations of Google's global data center networking footprint, Cloud networking, and their two global WAN networks. He also led the development of software and systems for intent-driven zero-touch automation, diagnostic telemetry, data analytics and ML/AI and application-level awareness in the infrastructure.

Prior to Google, Vijoy served in numerous CTO capacities including CTO of Networking at IBM Cloud and at IBM Systems and Software Group; CTO of Blade Network Technologies, and has led global Engineering teams at Blade Network Technologies, Nortel and Alteon.

Vijoy has led the industry’s automation and data analytics efforts for cloud-scale networks, and was instrumental in delivering many industry firsts – including the first intent-driven e2e automation framework at Cloud scale, the first Open Source SDN controller; the first VM-aware switch, and the first low-latency HFT/HPC switch.

He has a Ph.D. in Computer Science, and holds over 60 patents in distributed systems & networking.

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wang hao

About wang hao

•  Technical Steering Committee(TSC) Member of StarlingX community.

  Core Reviewer and Project Team Leader in OpenStack Zaqar project since 2016.

  Eight years of development experience in IAAS cloud product.

  Six years of development experience in OpenStack community. Focus on Cinder, Zaqar, Nova projects,etc.

  Four years of experience in feature and architecture design of private cloud platform product based on OpenStack and also have design and development experience in cloud management product and edge computing product.

  Attended the Open Infrastructure summit in Boston and applied for the Gold member for Fiberhome company successfully. Be Responsible for the whole contribution work of OpenStack community in Fiberhome company. Also attended the summit in Sydney.

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Li Kai

About Li Kai

I am Kai and am the CSO/Co-founder from 99CLOUD. I had been devoting myself for OpenStack for more than 8 years from 2012.  99CLOUD is one of the top code committer orgnization in OIF foundation.  We believe with Open Infra tech, we can some how change the world and help client better in their IT and bussiness transformation. I am currently in the OpenStack board in 2020. I am also in EdgeGallery (a MEC opensource project) as a baord member. Prior to 99CLOUD, I worked for Intel from 2006~2012 as a SW engineer and Accenture 2012~2014 as Cloud Manager.  

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