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Company Profile: UnitedStack Inc.

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UnitedStack Inc.


UnitedStack, founded in Feb., 2013, is the most specialized OpenStack-based open source cloud computing company in Chinawe dedicated ourself to build United Stacks around the world.


In Chinese cloud computing field, UnitedStack is the first company which offers highly reliable OpenStack-based platform UOS providing the same area nodes of public cloud and managed private cloud. UOS was integrated with core technologies and capabilities of IaaS, such as elastic computing, distributed block storage and Software Defined Network (SDN), etc.


Moreover, it also owned a lot of unique functions, such as second-level deployment and online migration, bringing the new generation of security, reliable and high performance infrastructure cloud environment to China cloud computing market.


UnitedStack now is the important hybrid cloud provider in China market, its cloud service highly praised by its customers in various industries including internet, energy, finance and manufacture. 

Contributions To OpenStack From UnitedStack Inc.

Contribution Summary

Total commits: 92
Total LOC: 6887
Review stat (-2, -1, +1, +2, A): 0, 39, 141, 93, 79
Change Requests: 163
Patch Sets: 667
Draft Blueprints: 7
Completed Blueprints: 3
Filed Bugs: 97
Resolved Bugs: 35
Emails: 58

Products & Services




As an open source cloud system based on OpenStack, UnitedStack's core product UOS can delivers public cloud services and Managed Private Cloud services via one unifed platform, this function supports customers to migrate seamlessly between public cloud and managed private cloud with less coding works.

Meanwhile, the feature of UOS open source platform can help customers deploy a hybrid cloud, and ensure applications and data can flow freely and safely on the hybrid cloud platform.

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