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Date Joined: July 24, 2015
Country: India
Home Town: Pune
Zip Code: 411044
Registered for Upcoming Summit: No
  • Msys Technologies Pvt Ltd - From 2016-12-27 (Current)
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  • Object Store
  • Block Store
  • File Store
  • Orchestration
  • Security
  • Big Data
  • Database
  • Message Queues




Paper presentation at Havana

Shriram Pore - Associate VP Technology @ MSys Technologies

 A veteran of storage industry

 More than 18 years of experience in architecting and developing products

 Key strength lies in quickly understanding product requirements and translating them into architectural and engineering specs for implementation.

 Working on Virtualization and cloud platforms more towards OpenStack

 Building in-house expertise and executing projects using or extending OpenStack

 Architected, designed and implemented solutions for NAS, Virtualization integrated Backup-Recovery and Clone of VM

 Led FS and replication teams on the file-server and also led the CORE component team from system management perspective (configuration, provision, and manage various facilities of file-server).

 Executed ideation projects related to Lustre file-system.

 Master Of Computer Science from India, Pune University

 Bachelor of Computer Science from India, Pune University

 Publication - - Pragmatic about software product performance

 Publication - - How can Hypervisors leverage Advanced Storage features? 

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