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Date Joined: July 15, 2015
Country: Japan
Home Town:
Zip Code: 211-8588
Registered for Upcoming Summit: No
  • Fujitsu - From 2011-04-01 To 2020-10-14
Statement of Interest


Areas Of Expertise
  • networking
  • baremetal





Senior Software Engineer, LINE Corporation.

He has been working as an infrastructure engineer at LINE Verda platform since 2020.  He also has been working in Neutron and Neutron-FWaaS(Firewall as a Service) since Kilo development cycle and core reviewer of neutron-fwaas, networking-fujitstu and python-scciclient.  In Queens cycle, he has developed packet logging feature for Neutron and Firewall as a Service v2 in Neutron-FWaaS.

Presentations from previous and upcoming OpenInfra Summits:
Berlin 2022
  • Multi Cluster Monitoring & How we save yourself during major outages
Boston Austin
  • Security-Group Aware Baremetal and Infra-Network Environment
Additional presentations:

Willing to present via video conference: Yes
Willing to travel to any country: Yes
Fluent in
  • Japanese
  • English

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