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Individual Speaker Profile

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Date Joined: July 13, 2016
Country: United States
Home Town: San Diego
Zip Code: 92131
Registered for Upcoming Summit: No
  • JHL Consulting - From 2001-04-01 (Current)
Statement of Interest

John leads the OpenStack San Diego official user group getting the community excited about OpenStack! He frequently gives talks on cloud security, compliance and risk management.

Areas Of Expertise
  • Cyber Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Audit
  • Compliance
  • NFV


John is the author of several OpenInfra and CNCF proof of concepts including OpenStack on ARM, OpenStack on Equinix Metal, Rook with Ceph on Equinix Metal, and the Packet Zuul Node Pool driver. By day, he is a network security consultant for manufacturing, telco, and SaaS providers. 

Presentations from previous and upcoming OpenInfra Summits:
Berlin 2022
  • SCION, a Next-Generation Secure Internet Architecture - Hands On Workshop
  • User Group Forum
  • Hands on with Rook and Ceph: Storage Orchestration
Denver Berlin Vancouver, BC Sydney Boston Barcelona, Spain
  • Security & Compliance Pitfalls in the Cloud
Additional presentations:

Willing to present via video conference: No
Willing to travel to any country: Yes
Fluent in
  • English
  • French

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