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Sam Danes

Date Joined
April 04, 2013

Hewlett Packard Enterprise From 2016-05-09 (Current)
Rackspace From 2012-04-04 To 2016-04-15
Statement of Interest

Cloud Reliability & Quality Architect for HPE Helion Cloud. Working with OpenStack and OpenStack packaging from a reliability, performance and system level view.


I have over two decades of experience designing/building both commercially available automation tools used worldwide and custom from scratch test harnesses in a wide variety of languages for a wide variety of industries.

I started writing code at the age of thirteen when I ran out of text adventures to play on my TRS-80. After working for several years as a traditional product developer, I discovered a career defining passion for Reliability and Quality while helping build the world's first internet based bank back in the 90's. It was here I realized that new concepts, techniques and practices would be needed for development if ever increasingly complex products were to make it to market with high quality and acceptable performance.

I enjoy working with complex technologies, leading and inspiring the next generation of Reliability & Testing Engineers, enterprise scale CI/CD, applying big data analytics or machine learning to enterprise scale Test Automation and generally pushing the boundaries of what Test Automation is and means to a typical development practice.

When not pontificating about engineering based testing or quoting Gene Kranz, Rocky and W. Edwards Demming; I enjoy spending time with my family in and around Colorado, riding my bike on the many trails, a disturbing dedication to 4X strategy games, and all things SciFi/Comic Book.



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Ceilometer,Heat,Oslo,Openstack-ci,Openstack-manuals,QA,Deployment,DevStack,Release