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Shi Lin Huang

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March 20, 2013

IBM From 2013-03-20 (Current)
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I'm working on neutron, nova, ceilometer and OpenStack-CI for IBM Z hypervisors


I have been working on Linux related development since the year 2002 when I was in colledge. I worked on Apache module, LAMP management etc. at that time. I was administrator of the OSS FTP server in Lanzhou University in Gansu province, China,  and is core member of the Open Source Club community in Lanzhou University. Since 2006 I worked on high performance computing related distributed systems, mostly working on MPICH, xCAT, Ganlia, OpenMP, Linux Bridge, Centreon for network management and some times Linux kernel in the TCPIP stack and KVM and Xen. I also work on RTEMS, porting MPI to run on RTEMS.

Since 2009 I was working for a Linux distribution company, I was working on Firefox video player plugin and some other Firefox plugins, Intel video driver in Linux kernel and xorg, aufs2, KVM, anaconda, and some other GTK tools.

Since 2011 I work on IBM Z hypervisor, and since 2013 I work on OpenStack enablement on IBM Z, including Nova, Neutron support etc.