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Rob Fisher

Date Joined
March 28, 2016

Statement of Interest

Build and maintain OpenStack infrastructure for enterprise NFV deployments



Robert Fisher brings almost 20 years of Linux and UNIX experience to his team. He has built his experience working on teams such as Operations, to Information Security, and HPUX engineering.  For 7 years Rob worked on Linux Engineering and Enterprise Architecture teams.  During this time he automated the OS installation, reducing the amount of time it takes to build a Linux server.  He then worked to standardize all Linux systems in the enterprise.  Within 6 years the team that Rob was on, went from 600 installations of Linux to over 8000 physical and virtual servers.  During this period, Rob and 2 other Verizon employees were awarded a patent for the software that they had created for automating and standardizing the Linux build (Patent #20130262845).  In 2012 Rob was promoted to the lead over the Linux Architecture team where he was in charge of coordinating activities between multiple Verizon IT teams.  One of the large requirements that was given to Rob was training.  A bi-weekly and sometimes weekly training call was run by Rob or he coordinated to bring in Vendors for special training sessions.  Other topics that Rob and his team continued to tackle were: automation of virtual builds in vCenter APIs, automated multipath configuration, automated configuration and standardization of Oracle RAC/GRID database and building a RedHat Satellite/Proxy network to improve the patch update process.  Rob and his team were also tasked with reviewing, testing and certifying new hardware and software to be used within the Verizon enterprise.  These reviews also included new application implementations that Verizon developers were looking at.  The new applications needed to be reviewed to determine what type of hardware or software configuration was required so that they were allowed to work inside the Verizon enterprise.  Some of the software that Rob and his team tested, certified and implemented are:


-       RedHat Gluster


-       RedHat Satellite 5


-       RedHat OpenStack Icehouse release


-       CISCO UCS hardware


-       Several generations of HP and Dell hardware


-       RedHat Enterprise Linux 7


-       Oracle RAC/GRID using ASM running on RedHat Enterprise Linux


-       RedHat clustering using rgmanager


-       HP Moonshot and CloudLine hardware


-       MongoDB and Jive running on RHEL on virtual servers


This is just a short list of all of the software and hardware that Rob has been an integral part of certifying inside of Verizon IT.


For the last year Rob has been working on a new team, who’s mandate is to certify and architect a NFV OpenStack deployment.  The team is currently using RedHat OSP with a Director deployment method.  Rob’s focus has been largely on integrating security standards into the undercloud and overcloud deployments.


Rob received an undergraduate bachelor’s degree of science in Chemical Engineering from the University of Toledo and a master’s degree of science in Computer Information Systems from the University of Phoenix satellite campus in Temple Terrace Florida. For the last five years Rob has also been one of the professors in the Information Systems and Technology college at the University of Phoenix satellite campus in Temple Terrace, where he teaches at least 2 classes each year. 




  • Verizon - From 1998-01-05 (Current)


I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Nova,Swift,Glance,Cinder,Ironic,Openstack-ci,Deployment