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Mostafa A. Hamid

Date Joined
July 03, 2014

Affiliations UK and Denmark From 2013-11-11 (Current)
Statement of Interest

I need to do something that programmatically fits the world, I need to go through the kernel, I need to go through the PHP Engine, and I need to go through the Integration of XML-RPC



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Dashboard (Horizon),Compute Service (Nova),Networking (Neutron),Block Storage (Cinder),Container Orchestration Engine Provisioning (Magnum),Software Development Lifecycle Automation (Solum),Chef cookbooks for OpenStack (Chef OpenStack),Juju Charms for OpenStack (OpenStack Charms),Puppet Modules for OpenStack (Puppet OpenStack),Command-line client (OpenStack Client (CLI)),Load Balancer (Octavia),Networking Automation for Multi-Region Deployments (Tricircle)

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