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Danny HAmmo

Date Joined
April 14, 2014

Canonical From 2015-04-20 (Current)
Ericsson From 2010-11-01 To 2015-04-13
Statement of Interest

OpenStack rollout and integration of private, public, and hybrid clouds. Hosting applications, whether VM based or containerized, on top of OpenStack. Workload automation and monitoring. OpenStack cloud design, high availability, networking models/solutions and performance, computing power and storage. VNF's on OpenStack, standardization and respective blue prints.




Open-minded engineer that develops a quick and deep uderstanding of complex systems. One of the early adoptors of OpenStack, I started working on Folsom release building a single node OpenStack node, and after I learned the craft I started desiging and building a multinode OpenStack cloud. I had the opportunity to board-on complex applications (mostly telco) on top of OpenStack and run mutiple proof-of-concepts highlighting the new features and improovments of OpenStack over the release cycles.

In brief, I enjoy desiging, building, and experimenting OpenStack based cloud solutions.



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Nova,Glance,Quantum,Cinder,Ceilometer,Heat,Openstack-ci,QA,Deployment