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Jonathan LaCour

Date Joined
July 18, 2012

DreamHost From (Current)
Statement of Interest

To advance OpenStack as a project and community.




Jonathan has been in the world of software since 1997, when he started writing Medical Records software at an early stage startup with an esoteric programming language called "Python." Jonathan harnessed his passion for user experience in the computer science program at Georgia Tech by taking courses in psychology, cognitive science, and education. Armed with this interdisciplinary experience, Jonathan is keenly aware of how people learn and solve problems. HIs early experience with Python also saw Jonathan nominated and accepted as a Fellow in the Python Software Foundation.

In 2007, Jonathan helped found ShootQ, a cloud-based studio management solution for professional photographers, where he served as CTO. In 2010, ShootQ was acquired by Pictage, where Jonathan served as the Vice President of Software Products. Jonathan joined DreamHost in 2011 as Vice President of Software Development, bringing with him his experience and knowledge running engineering and product teams. In 2012, Jonathan became DreamHost's Vice President of Product and Development. In 2014, Jonathan took over the Cloud business unit at DreamHost as the Vice President of Cloud, and now serves as the Vice President of Cloud and Development.

During his time at DreamHost, Jonathan has led the development and operation of DreamObjects and DreamCompute, which are publc cloud storage and compute services built on top of OpenStack and Ceph. Jonathan also was involved in the creation of Inktank, which developed the Ceph software defined storage project, and was eventually sold to RedHat. Jonathan also co-founded Akanda, the network services virtualization company behind the OpenStack Astara project.

When not hunkered down behind his laptop, Jonathan loves spending time with his beautiful and brilliantly creative wife, Lacey, his daughter Colette, his son William, and their two dogs, Winston and Nelson. Beyond his culinary interests, Jonathan spends Saturday afternoons in the fall rooting for his alma mater and the University of Miami and enjoying his favorite southern creation - bourbon.



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Nova,Glance,Keystone,Horizon,Quantum,Cinder,Ceilometer,Oslo