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Benjamin H. Graham (bman)

Date Joined
July 27, 2012

Compare Metrics From 2012-11-20 (Current)
Administr8 From (Current)
Rackspace From (Current)
Statement of Interest

development/open standards

With a career spanning 20 years, Benjamin has deep experience building, managing, and designing Internet services. Has has architected and managed solutions for Linux systems administration, automation, VOIP, software development, network engineering, software testing and quality assurance at Acxiom, Google, TD Ameritrade and Rackspace. He began his career developing for and promoting Linux in 1994, and created one of a handful of early businesses using Linux professionally. He went on to found 3 Internet start-ups.
At Compare Metrics/Edgecase, Benjamin served as VP of Technical Operations and was responsible for Architecture, QA, Deployments and Monitoring to ensure reliability, scale and redundancy across the company. In addition, Benjamin served as the Chief Cultural Officer to promote and expand on company culture.
Benjamin is passionate about Free and Open Source software and is an Invited Expert to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C), guiding future Internet standards in the social networking realm.



I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Nova,Ceilometer,Ironic,Queue,DataProcessing,Openstack-ci,QA,Deployment,DevStack,Release