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Brad Vaughan

Date Joined
December 06, 2013

Red Hat From 2015-09-14 (Current)
Solinea From 2013-01-01 To 2015-09-11
Statement of Interest

Consulting, Development, Operations, Management


For 20 years, Brad has been helping customers analyze business problems and architecting advanced infrastructure solutions. These customers have been some of the largest in the world spread throughout Asia Pacific, South America and Europe. He has experience in developing solutions to meet the needs of Telecommunication, Finance, Oil & Gas, Consumer Products and Automotive industries.

Brad has spoken at conferences around the world on topics such as “Continuous Improvement Approach to Service Management Adoption” (itSMF: Singapore), “Business Value: Justifying the Cloud” (UP Con: US), “Service Optimized Data Centers” (CEO Conference, Malaysia)


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