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Ryan Boris

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July 13, 2022

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I am a forward-thinking individual with a love of blending and bending the realms between biological science and computer science. My areas of interest in the technological world involve full-stack web application development and data science, with strengths in modern JavaScript, React, Vue, GraphQL, Next.js, Express, Node, Python, R, and technical education. I am incredibly fascinated by the study of deep learning, especially in the combinations of neurobiology and neuroanatomy applied to artificial intelligence engineering, artificial neural networks, and machine learning. I'm also a sucker for theoretical algorithms and find myself an aficionado of both big data and algorithmic science. I am a huge advocate for education, and prior to changing careers, spent almost a decade as a science educator, STEM education professional speaker, and teacher development leader. My next steps in the technology world include continuing to gain industry experience as a full-stack developer and eventually turning my attention to the sphere of remote style education and instruction. As a human being, I dream big, believe in putting the needs of the team before my own, and strive to learn something new with each interaction. On a final note, I also make a killer todo app.

* Solutions Engineer at Coursera * Perpetually learning * Curious and tenacious * Always amazed at the wonders of our universe * Seeking truth and the greater purpose * Love to learn new things and meet new people
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