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Thomas Barron

Date Joined
October 11, 2013

Red Hat From 2015-12-14 (Current)
NetApp From 2013-10-11 To 2015-12-13
Statement of Interest

Contribute to OpenStack.




Tom works on the Red Hat OpenStack Platform storage team, contributing primarily to the Manila and Cinder projects.  He started late in the Juno release, working at first on NetApp Cinder drivers, and then moving on to work on core Cinder code, especially the Cinder backup service.  He now serves as a Manila core and has developed a keen interest in overlaps and common problems between the two projects.  For the Ocata release Tom will be focusing on hardening Manila for deployment in enterprise environments.

He has worked as a developer and as a deployer of a variety of storage and network technologies over the course of his career and really enjoys the chance to apply this experience working on open source, especially a project with the reach and impact of OpenStack.


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