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Shamail Tahir COA Certified

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August 30, 2013

athenaHealth From 2017-03-06 (Current)
IBM From 2015-09-30 To 2017-03-03
EMC From 2004-10-01 To 2015-09-25
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Increasing collaboration across contributing companies, ensuring that user needs are communicated upstream, creating a strong ecosystem for OpenStack, removing barriers to adoption and expansion of OpenStack clouds






I have been in the OpenStack community since 2013 and I am currently participating in the Product WG, Enterprise WG and I also helped to define the newly created Active User Contributor (AUC) designation in the OpenStack community. At Athenahealth, I am focused on our infrastructure/cloud services strategy, operations, and participate extensively in OpenStack user committee initiatives.  My background includes server/network operations, pre and post-sales engineering, as well as being a technologist focused on cloud and cloud-related eco-systems (Containers, CloudFoundry, Mesos, K8s, FaaS, etc.)

I am passionate about OpenStack and our community, emerging technologies, implications of technology shifts on datacenter architectures, and driving use-case based technology adoption.


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Boston Barcelona, Spain Austin Tokyo Vancouver

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