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Forrest Carpenter

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August 26, 2013

Cisco From 2015-06-13 (Current)
Piston Cloud Computing, Inc. From 2013-08-26 To 2015-06-12
Statement of Interest

To make OpenStack the best it can be.


I was born after the Big Bang, but before the heat death of the universe. Formerly with Piston, now with Cisco, and acutely aware of what it means to run large-scale OpenStack clouds in production environments with enterprise expectations. My background is in the Quality organizations of VMware and Citrix, and before that as a sysadmin managing all kinds of services, hosts, and networks in a number of arenas, including some Distributed Systems labs way back in the 1990s (remember them?) at BBN.


OpenStack Summit Presentations
Boston, MA
  • Talk From The Trenches: Will Containers Save Us?
Paris OpenStack Summit

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