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Gilberto Botaro

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July 16, 2020

Professional acting with responsibility to manage and solve the technological problems that a company faces, including research and development (R&D). resulting in high performance projects. Innovative with the adoption of new technologies, platforms and methodologies. Extensive experience in training and qualification of high value and performance teams and in the financial management of projects and contracting infrastructure and cloud services. One of the most effective ways to optimize your business, whether you are a startup or an established company, is to acquire and implement new technologies for your processes and control. Technology changes and develops at a rapid pace and it is important to keep pace with it to increase efficiency and synergy. As a Technology Advisor/CTO, I am a professional who analyzes and describes which processes a company needs to develop or the tools and equipment they need to acquire and how to implement them. With over 25 years of experience in innovative IT, working in large consultancies (Atos Origin, BDO, TIVIT), and in the last 11 years in the two largest bureaus in Brazil (Serasa Experian and Boa Vista SCPC) integrating systems and solutions with their partners and clients, I have developed an excellent network with access to a network of developers or service providers keeping me up to date on news and contacts within the industry. Having participated in several integration projects in different business sectors, I can help with your challenges: - Providing knowledge in data structures for integration, capture, acquisition, enrichment, storage, mining and cleansing. - Translate numbers and facts to inform strategic business decisions, process automation, security and risk and fraud prevention. - Analysis of sales data, market research, logistics or transport data with real-time solutions. - Creation and monitoring of processes to keep confidential data and compliance (GDPR and LGPD). - Present solutions to innovative business problems.
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