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Individual Member Profile

Mohammad Saleem Bagewadi

Date Joined
November 26, 2018

Statement of Interest

Research in security related issues


I'm involved in the following OpenStack projects: Dashboard (Horizon),Compute Service (Nova),Networking (Neutron),Object store (Swift),Identity service (Keystone),Orchestration (Heat),Deploys OpenStack using OpenStack itself (Tripleo),Distributed SDN controller (Dragonflow),Official Python SDK for OpenStack APIs (Openstacksdk),Block Storage (Cinder),Image service (Glance),Load balancer (Octavia),Database as a Service (Trove),DNS service (Designate),Software Development Lifecycle Automation (Solum),Monitoring (Monasca),Backup{comma} Restore{comma} and Disaster Recovery (Freezer),Python Software Development Kit (Python SDK)



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