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Melvin Hillsman COA Certified

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July 05, 2013

Huawei From 2017-07-03 (Current)
OpenStack Innovation Center From 2016-04-16 To 2017-04-16
Rackspace From 2015-03-31 To 2017-07-03
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End User, Reviewer, and Contributor/Developer




I began my OpenStack experience as hobbyist and moved on to be an OpenStack Support Engineer with Rackspace, focused on succeeding technically while providing excellent service and support. Since initially engaging with OpenStack, I became extremely passionate about its success in every market across the globe. In just under two years I succeeded in creating an OpenStack Meetup in Houston, TX, becoming one of the leaders of the Ops Meetups Team, and leading the reboot of the OSOps Project. Additionally I am able to work with community operators, application developers, and end users as a member of the OpenStack User Committee.

I live in the great city of Houston, TX with my awesome family and enjoy spending most of my time learning more about the information and technology field from innovations in microprocessing, changes in DataCenter infrastructure, to the latest trends in Cloud Computing.


OpenStack Summit Presentations
Sydney Boston
  • SESSION CANCELLED!! Real-World Workload Generation: Your Pluggable Solution
  • UC Governance and Support of WGs
  • Strategy for Unanswered Requirements
Barcelona, Spain Austin

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