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Published on January 12
Performance and Test Engineer



Summary & Role Information: 

We offer remote work and flexible working hours. You will enjoy a healthy work-life balance and be part of a diverse workplace culture. Whatever your goals, we want to make sure you reach them.

In this role you will:

  • design, develop, and execute tests for SAP's Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform powered by Kubernetes and OpenStack.
  • analyzing test results and improving the services together with the service developer.
  • contribute to different well-known upstream open-source projects and help maintain our own open-source initiatives.
  • work in an international team with highly skilled people.

You will get time to learn and to get to the bottom of problems befor fixing them.

We are looking for someone with the background of a Test Automation Engineer (f/m/d) with development experience who takes over responsibility for testing SAP's IaaS platform which runs in 15 regions around the world.

Here are some things we have worked on recently:

  • Introduction of OpenStack Tempest and adaption of Tempest tests
  • Introduction of OpenStack Rally scenario tests.


Experience/ Role Requirements:

  • Excellent programming skills. Preferred programming language: Python.
  • Experience in setting up and implementing manual and automated tests.
  • Benefitial would be knowledge of OpenStack Rally and Tempest.
  • Benefitial would be experience with public clouds (AWS, Azure, GCE) or OpenStack.
  • Degree in applied sciences. Preferred field of study: Computer Science or related fields.
  • Language skills: Fluent in English (spoken and written).
  • Soft skills: Excellent abstract problem-solving skills, high level of commitment and reliability, good communication skills, fun working in a multinational team, understanding of dynamics of communication in open-source projects. 


About the Team/ Brand/ Line of Business:

Our team is the heart of SAP Converged Cloud – the unified global Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform for SAP products based on Kubernetes and OpenStack. Please find more information about what we are doing on

Please contact me via Mail: [email protected]